“I want it all. And I would like it delivered.”

Bette Midler


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  • Sale! 5-treatments

    Airbrush Elite Loyalty Card (Our Location)

    $325.00 $292.50

    Because one tan is never enough! Benefit from our loyalty package rate and enjoy 14% savings. Includes 5 tans plus 1 complimentary Infinity Sun Normalise Elixir treatment.  This pre-tan essential is a fine blend of exotic aloes that assist in hydrating porous areas of the body.  It is the perfect primer to ensure your tan is even, flawless and long-lasting.   This service is conducted at our location.

  • Sale! 10-treatments

    Airbrush Elite Loyalty Card (Our location)

    $650.00 $552.50

    When it comes to tans we know less is not more! So we are here to ensure you are able to stock up!!  Benefit from our loyalty 10 tan package rate and enjoy 17% savings.  This service is conducted at either of our 2 locations.

  • BeautyBundleImage

    Beauty Box


    With this Beauty Box (and bundled rate) we have you covered literally from start to finish for your best sunless tan experience ever!  Having glowing, healthy skin is always our goal and these gorgeous products all work together to ensure you achieve just that from head to toe! Includes the Infinity Sun Exfoliating Body Masque, Infinity Sun Extend with Shimmer and our award-winning Infinity Sun Glow-on-the-Go.

  • IMG_0033

    Goddess Glitz Athena


    The patron goddess of heroic endeavor. Earthy and Edgy. There are 3 sheets of luxury tattoos in each envelope. Each order contains 1 envelope. There are bracelets, anklets, 1 necklace, waist chains, down the center of the back, feet pieces, rings feathers and other luxury tattoo jewelry in silver and gold in this collection. No limit to design options only your imagination.

  • IMG_0054

    Goddess Glitz Eirene


    Goddess of peace and diplomacy is a mixture of tribal, ethnic and exotic jewelry. This collection contains 1 envelope loaded with 3 sheets of alluring pieces for hands and feet, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, rings and splendid designs in gold, silver, rose gold and black luxurious jewelry. Let your design imagination run away with itself……

  • IMG_0040

    Goddess Glitz Gaia


    Primal divinity; powerful – through her the gods of the air, sky and sea were born. This Sophisticated Collection includes 1 envelope containing 3 sheets of bracelets, necklaces, down the center of the back chains, rings, anklets, hand pieces in gold, silver and turquoise, among other pieces of luxurious tattoo jewelry. No limit to design options, only your imagination.

  • IMG_0044

    Goddess Glitz Innana


    The Look- Blonde Bombshell, beachy, earthy (coachllea girl) designs. There are 3 sheets of tattoos in each envelope. Each order contains 1 envelope. This package contains bracelets, anklets, necklaces, waiste chains, down the center of the back, rings, feathers, dreamcatchers and other luxury tattoo jewelry in gold, rose gold and silver this collection. There are no limits to the design options only your imagination!!

  • IMG_0048

    Goddess Glitz Juno


    The youthful maiden goddess, she is fun, sporty, on the go and loves animals! This fun collection includes necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, chains that line the spine, little doggie paws and dog bones in silver, gold, blue and pink. This package contains 3 sheets of luxury tattoos in 1 envelope.
    This is Infinity Sun’s CEO’s favourite collection, as it was inspired by her dog, Snoopy (and co-founder of Infinity Sun).

  • IMG_0051

    Goddess Glitz Persephone


    Queen of the underworld. Spicy, sexy and fierce designs.
    There are 3 loaded pages of bracelets, anklets, necklaces, full body chains, chains that go down the center of the back, rings, feet/hand chains and other designs of luxurious tattoo jewelry in gold, silver and turquoise. The design options are unlimited!!!

  • 1-treatments

    Infinity Sun All body tan (Our Location)


    Choose from Classic Bronze, Bronze Organics or Ultra Dark.  Click below to opt for the ‘Home’ service, which means you come to us!